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6026 Multi function Sewing Set Sewing kit for Home Tailoring

Rs. 74.00 Rs. 398.00

Multipurpose Tailoring Sewing Accessories Kit - Thread and Needle Sui Dhaga Kit (34 pieces)

Sewing Accessories Kit
Sewing kit, which contains all the accessories required for sewing. All in one kit which serves all your needs.

Included Components
Includes all accessories requires at the time of swings such as bobbins, threads, tape, needle threader & scissors.

High Quality Threads
8 high-quality assorted shades Bobbin threads / strings that can be used for all color dresses.

Other Accessories
High-Quality trimmer used to cut off excess threads off the dress.
Needle threader used to thread the needle, this will be useful for the beginners.

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