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1762 Outdoor Cutlery Picnic Tableware; Stainless Steel 5-in-1

Rs. 121.00 Rs. 183.00

Multi-functional Folding 5-in-1 Pocket Knife, Travel Camping Kit

This multipurpose compact tool has been one of the bestsellers among the “Pocket Knives”. The tool incorporates a feature-set of 5 functions, catering many day to day utilities to the active outdoors person. So wherever your everyday adventures take you, the Pocket Knife is ready for you. It is like a tiny helper who will be by your side no matter where you're heading.

Strength Packaged into a Small Size
A mini knife slim enough to fit in your pocket yet mighty enough to unlock not 1 but 5 functions! Portability along with utility is the need of the hour.

Knife to Other Utility Items; Everything Packaged into One Sleek Shape
It’s a blade, nail file , screwdriver, key ring, tweezers and much more rolled into one. From a kit to use in emergency, to a tool that can fix any issue, here is a multi-utility swiss knife at your rescue.

Safety in Your Pocket
From safety to sanity, this multi-utility folding knife ensures you have it all. Never look over your shoulder as you have a product that can turn a weapon in a jiffy. Use it to defend yourself.

Use it Anywhere and Everywhere
This mini knife can take care of all your needs, from home to outdoors, with its universal tools. In a camp? Use the blades to cut through the meat before you cook it.

Sharp, Strong and Sustainable
Made of walnut wood, it comes from natural resources, created with our future in mind. The stainless steel therein makes the knives and tools the most robust that you have ever seen or experienced. The blade is sharp enough to cut in one stroke. Here is a product that will take care of all your needs.

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