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0810 Silicone Soap Holder Soap Dish Stand Saver Tray Case for Shower

Rs. 82.00 Rs. 124.00

Silicone Soap Holder, Soap Dish Stand Saver Tray Case for Shower, Silicone Dishes for Bathroom Kitchen Counter Sink -1pc

Best result when used with an undercount sink.

White Drying Soap Dish Tray. Sloped drainer board returns water to the sink!

Constructed from flexible food grade silicone, non-skid surface to keeps mat in place

Flexible Silicone material

Anti-Bacterial, Dish Washer Safe. Heat Resistant

Unique Design

The Soap Dish's unique slope design maximizes aeration and elevates soaps or small items, keeping them clean and sanitary, while draining water to the sink. Its slim shape is space efficient and conveniently fits alongside the sink or shower edge.

Brightly Colored Soap Dish

* Smooth and bright appearance.聽

* Durable Plastic, BPA-FREE聽

* Low aging, low fading, and long service life


Material : Silicone

Product Type : Flat Type

Size : 4.3"x 3.1"x0.4"

Package : 3 Pcs

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